Looking For Singapore Courier Jobs?

If you are looking for courier jobs in Singapore or would like to explore delivery jobs with own car in singapore, here are some of the best advice I have for you. There are various types of courier jobs in Singapore, and in this case, we will talk specifically about delivery jobs where you will need to utilize your own car as the mode of transport. This is actually getting more common in Singapore, and many people like to moonlight as a part time courier for increased income levels for themselves and their family. In any case, the following are things that you must note.

  • There are companies which are known to be withholding, or rather, delaying payments to their couriers. If you are worried about such potential delays in payments to you, then try not to work for companies like NinjaVan. They have volume but what’s the point of working for a company that doesn’t respect their employees / contractors’ payday?
  • Keep in mind that there are some companies such as GoGoVan which aren’t actually companies. They are basically mobile application companies and a marketplace company, and you are just a random contractor on it. Do not apply for such companies if you do not want to be a pure ‘freelancer’ as there is no guaranteed income e.t.c. from it.
  • If you want to deliver parcels only, then I suggest you can try either Ixpress647. They specialize in van deliveries, although if you are willing to put parcels at your car seat as well as boot, then you can try working for them. Just keep in mind that I’ve heard from courier job applicants before that Ixpress647 likes to drag payments to their couriers too…. not too sure why Ninja Van and Ixpress647 has such bad practices but that’s what I heard.
  • If you want to deliver both parcels and documents, I think you can check out PCA Masters. I personally have heard of and used them as well, and the couriers there seem pretty pleased with their jobs, so I would assume they’re happy. Of course, if you want to find out more about PCA Masters, then simply email their careers email or personnel in charge. Don’t ask me as I only know how PCA Masters is from a customer’s point of view. From a customer’s point of view, PCA Masters’ service is definitely top notch. Therefore, I would presume that working there should be relatively great as well.

Getting A Taste Of Logistics

Many people around the world and Singapore buy increasingly many items and goods online. To the consumer, it may feel really simple. All you need to do are 3 steps: add to cart, check out and pay for it. After that, everything is being processed behind the scenes.

However, to the logistics company, this is the time when they get busy. First of all, they would have received the order from their client (e.g. the E-commerce company).  These orders would then be prepared by the E-commerce company, and then the logistics company would need to pick it up and either store it somewhere temporarily, or sort it out and get it delivered quickly.

There are tons of things that a logistics company like Fedex, DHL, PCA Masters, Network Courier, e.t.c. in Singapore needs to do after they get such an order. The following video shows a super sized version of Fedex’s own Super Hub.

Hopefully after watching the above video, you will get a better idea of how courier companies work (although in the above video case, it is more about an international courier company – Fedex).

You will realize that the ‘bad’ things people may talk about couriers are simply people who happened to bump into deliverymen who happened to be horrible employees. Couriers and operation managers of logistics companies work very hard behind the scenes, and often work starting from very early in the day until late at night. The next time you see your deliveryman in Singapore, thank them for delivering your item 🙂 They deserve it!

Off peak and weekend courier services in Singapore?

I do not know about you, but there are many times where I had to get something delivered from / to me at night or on weekends, and I found it so frustrating that not a single courier company was willing to pick up my phone call or reply my email requests! Urgh.

There were a very small handful of companies which picked up my calls but even then, it’s only to tell me that such services are not available.

It was only recently that I stumbled upon a relatively new courier company called PCA Masters, which seemed to provide night or weekends courier service in Singapore. (They’re located in Singapore and perform local courier deliveries as of the last time I checked.)

The greatest thing about these weekends and weeknights courier services is that they are able to help me get things delivered when I’m either out with my family, friends or busy with work. As you might already know, most people in Singapore love going out on weekends and work hard on weeknights, and that is the reason why many people find it difficult to deliver items or documents themselves during these occasions.

Although you could choose only to work with such a company on these occasions, anybody with enough common sense will tell you to also work with these companies which also provide weeknights and weekend deliveries if their usual delivery rates are reasonable too! This is because it is much easier for an individual and/or corporate body to use the same courier company for all deliveries instead of resorting to different ones for different types of deliveries – at least, wherever reasonable. I just find it less of a hassle as I only get billed by one company, and I know whether that company is reliable on their delivery standards, timings and service quality. I like consistency if I were to work with a courier company and that’s why I recommend you do this too.

In any case, I’ll only like to make use of this opportunity to thank Alvin and Ben from PCA Masters for helping me out with my deliveries; your delivery guys were awesome!

High demand for document courier delivery services in Singapore

In Singapore, there is a high demand for document courier delivery services. In the past, before the courier industry is developed, people usually have only two options to send documents in Singapore. One will be to travel down to Singpost branch or one of its postbox to drop their documents in. Another one will be to deliver the documents themselves. The development of the courier industry snatches away some of the market share from Singpost. Many businesses, especially banks that require fast document delivery in Singapore will engage document courier services.

Usually, these document needs to be urgently delivered to the clients’ clients. Sometimes, the client may request the courier to wait for the recipients to sign the documents and deliver the documents back to the client. This is called a two way document delivery. These documents are typically very confidential and important that only the original hard copy must be signed by both parties. Electronic signatures may not be allowed. Hence, this explains why there is a demand for such document delivery services in Singapore.

Apart from being fast, document deliveries in Singapore are also very convenient for the customers. Customers can request the couriers to travel down to the customers’ location to pick up the document. Hence, the customers will not be wasting any time as they does not need to do anything specially for the courier. The customers can carry on their normal operations while waiting for the courier to arrive. This saves them great amount of time as compared to the past when they have to go down to Singpost’s office or postbox to drop their documents.

Furthermore, courier delivery services have greater transparency and reporting. When the deliveries are completed, notifications will be sent to the customers immediately. When people use courier delivery services in Singapore, there is a general expectation that they will be informed at all times about the progress of the delivery. This higher service standard keeps the customers happy.