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Reviews of Singapore Dating & Escort Agencies

When it comes to dating social escort agencies in Singapore, there are actually very few really legitimate and goods ones.

  1. SG VIP Escorts (www.sgvipescorts.com) – one of my favorite local agencies, SG VIP specializes in escort service only by local Singaporean girls. This is definitely something unique, and something I really like, because I love Singaporean girls. Most other agencies (existing and defunct ones) have a lot of foreign girls yet masquerade them as local girls. I can genuinely say that SG VIP Escorts is the only company in Singapore who sticks to their words. Additionally, their girls are actually socially adept, eloquent and educated, which makes them very good partners for social events as well.
  2. SG Model Escorts – They used to be really good, but for some reason now, since July 2017, I cannot seem to be able to get through their agency hot line, and their photographs on their website have all mysteriously vanished as well. To be honest, I suspect something dodgy must have happened with them behind the scenes, and they may have been closed down permanently.
  3. SG Call Girls – another company that’s good but they are completely unresponsive to calls and texts now. Additionally, I just called them a few days ago for a booking enquiry but the person who picked up the phone said I had dialled the wrong number. I genuinely am not sure what’s happening to them as well this year, as back in 2015 and 2016 beginning when I last engaged their services, they were still great.