Getting A Taste Of Logistics

Many people around the world and Singapore buy increasingly many items and goods online. To the consumer, it may feel really simple. All you need to do are 3 steps: add to cart, check out and pay for it. After that, everything is being processed behind the scenes.

However, to the logistics company, this is the time when they get busy. First of all, they would have received the order from their client (e.g. the E-commerce company).  These orders would then be prepared by the E-commerce company, and then the logistics company would need to pick it up and either store it somewhere temporarily, or sort it out and get it delivered quickly.

There are tons of things that a logistics company like Fedex, DHL, PCA Masters, Network Courier, e.t.c. in Singapore needs to do after they get such an order. The following video shows a super sized version of Fedex’s own Super Hub.

Hopefully after watching the above video, you will get a better idea of how courier companies work (although in the above video case, it is more about an international courier company – Fedex).

You will realize that the ‘bad’ things people may talk about couriers are simply people who happened to bump into deliverymen who happened to be horrible employees. Couriers and operation managers of logistics companies work very hard behind the scenes, and often work starting from very early in the day until late at night. The next time you see your deliveryman in Singapore, thank them for delivering your item 🙂 They deserve it!