High demand for document courier delivery services in Singapore

In Singapore, there is a high demand for document courier delivery services. In the past, before the courier industry is developed, people usually have only two options to send documents in Singapore. One will be to travel down to Singpost branch or one of its postbox to drop their documents in. Another one will be to deliver the documents themselves. The development of the courier industry snatches away some of the market share from Singpost. Many businesses, especially banks that require fast document delivery in Singapore will engage document courier services.

Usually, these document needs to be urgently delivered to the clients’ clients. Sometimes, the client may request the courier to wait for the recipients to sign the documents and deliver the documents back to the client. This is called a two way document delivery. These documents are typically very confidential and important that only the original hard copy must be signed by both parties. Electronic signatures may not be allowed. Hence, this explains why there is a demand for such document delivery services in Singapore.

Apart from being fast, document deliveries in Singapore are also very convenient for the customers. Customers can request the couriers to travel down to the customers’ location to pick up the document. Hence, the customers will not be wasting any time as they does not need to do anything specially for the courier. The customers can carry on their normal operations while waiting for the courier to arrive. This saves them great amount of time as compared to the past when they have to go down to Singpost’s office or postbox to drop their documents.

Furthermore, courier delivery services have greater transparency and reporting. When the deliveries are completed, notifications will be sent to the customers immediately. When people use courier delivery services in Singapore, there is a general expectation that they will be informed at all times about the progress of the delivery. This higher service standard keeps the customers happy.