Process Of Engaging delivery services in Singapore

Have you ever engaged delivery services in Singapore before? If you haven’t, you may be intimidated by the steps you need to take before being able to engage such deliveries. However, it is actually very simple and straight forward. Most good courier delivery companies in Singapore like PCA Masters and Network Courier make the entire process of ordering delivery services in Singapore really straightforward and simple… and that’s great news for consumers like you and I.

First of all, you would need to contact PCA Masters or your preferred courier company. I like using PCA Masters and I shall refer to them for this particular post. You can just contact whichever Singapore delivery company you prefer to work with though I recommend PCA Masters. There would usually be a contact form or email, and you won’t even need to call them if you’re busy later on in the day while waiting for their response.

Second of all, you would to provide them the following details:

  • Your pick up location
  • Your destination
  • The type of item(s) – e.g. parcel or document
  • Estimated weight of the item(s)
  • Type/level of courierĀ  service required (Usually, this has to do with the time to pick up and deliver the item(s))
  • The sender’s contact number as well as the recipient’s

After receiving your request for quotation, the company would usually take around 10-20 minutes to get back to you.

The delivery company would then contact you via email or phone, and provide you with their quotation. You are then free to decide if you want to use their delivery services.

Assuming you decided to use their delivery services and accept their quotation, chances are, you would need to bank transfer them the entire delivery fee (for ad-hoc deliveries in Singapore) or pay them through PayPal before they would process your delivery.

Upon confirmation of your payment, the courier company would then assign your job to a deliveryman within the company. He or she would then drive or ride to your specified pick up address (at the pick up timing if any) and have the item(s) picked up and delivered to the recipient address (at the specified timing if any).

During this whole period of delivery service, there is absolutely nothing you have to do. PCA Masters and other such good courier companies in Singapore would definitely keep you updated with the status of the delivery and the item(s). So, fret not!