Looking For Singapore Courier Jobs?

If you are looking for courier jobs in Singapore or would like to explore delivery jobs with own car in singapore, here are some of the best advice I have for you. There are various types of courier jobs in Singapore, and in this case, we will talk specifically about delivery jobs where you will need to utilize your own car as the mode of transport. This is actually getting more common in Singapore, and many people like to moonlight as a part time courier for increased income levels for themselves and their family. In any case, the following are things that you must note.

  • There are companies which are known to be withholding, or rather, delaying payments to their couriers. If you are worried about such potential delays in payments to you, then try not to work for companies like NinjaVan. They have volume but what’s the point of working for a company that doesn’t respect their employees / contractors’ payday?
  • Keep in mind that there are some companies such as GoGoVan which aren’t actually companies. They are basically mobile application companies and a marketplace company, and you are just a random contractor on it. Do not apply for such companies if you do not want to be a pure ‘freelancer’ as there is no guaranteed income e.t.c. from it.
  • If you want to deliver parcels only, then I suggest you can try either Ixpress647. They specialize in van deliveries, although if you are willing to put parcels at your car seat as well as boot, then you can try working for them. Just keep in mind that I’ve heard from courier job applicants before that Ixpress647 likes to drag payments to their couriers too…. not too sure why Ninja Van and Ixpress647 has such bad practices but that’s what I heard.
  • If you want to deliver both parcels and documents, I think you can check out PCA Masters. I personally have heard of and used them as well, and the couriers there seem pretty pleased with their jobs, so I would assume they’re happy. Of course, if you want to find out more about PCA Masters, then simply email their careers email or personnel in charge. Don’t ask me as I only know how PCA Masters is from a customer’s point of view. From a customer’s point of view, PCA Masters’ service is definitely top notch. Therefore, I would presume that working there should be relatively great as well.