How To Date A Singaporean Girl?

Whether you are a local or expatriate looking to date a Singaporean girl, you should have realized that Singaporean girls are generally more clammed up, and appear more conservative and reserved. However, local girls are actually really flirtatious, if you know how to properly flirt with them… If you read this article and apply the 3 tips I teach you below, you will soon be able to date so many Singaporean girls!

1) Be rich! Of course, many Singaporean girls, like girls living in large cities around the world are materialistic. The easier way if you are just looking for a short term girlfriend is to turn to social escorts in Singapore instead to get the girlfriend experience, instead of wasting your time and not necessarily be able to get a girl.

2) Be smart. Singaporean girls like smart and educated men. Education is a form of status symbol in Singapore (to a pretty large extent), and if you are educated or are clearly smart, then girls are attracted to that. In Singapore, brains win brawns when you are trying to get a girlfriend!

3) If you want to date a Singaporean girl, there is another easy way, and that is get into the dating game while you are still in Polytechnic or University! That is the period of time where women in Singapore are actively looking for a partner. Women younger than that are not really looking to date, and women older than that are too busy or are career focused. If you are still in Polytechnic or University, grab hold of this opportunity and just be flirtatious with the ladies around you.

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