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How To Find A Girl In Singapore – 5 Tested And Proven Tips

Here are some locally, Singapore tested and proven ways in which you can find a girl in Singapore, either for a fling or for a long term relationship… basically dating in Singapore.

Tip #1: Work hard at your career.

Yes, this is not a joke. In fact, if you really want to find girls easily in Singapore, the easiest way is to be successful and have a solid career path. Singaporean girls are very easily attracted to wealth, and even more than that, financial and emotional stability that a man can bring to her. Therefore, if you work hard at your careers in your 20s, you will be able to get nearly any girl when you are in your 30s.

Tip #2: Actually learn how to dress well.

If you look around, most men in Singapore dress poorly, even when going out to meet girls! This is bad, because girls do look at man’s dressing when judging him… not just his face and body. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you learn how to dress well as a man in Singapore. This is because if you really know how to dress well, you will already be leagues above the average gentleman in Singapore.

Tip #3: Don’t be a slacker at school!

Yes, this is a tip for those who are still in Junior Colleges or perhaps Universities. Unless you have superb connections, know how to build a business or able to take sales rejections, you probably need to rely on your academic qualifications to find a good job and income in Singapore. Therefore, make sure to work hard at school, so that you can still have a good income and attract girls.

Tip #4: Be yourself.

Most men in Singapore are too worried what girls think about them. As a result, they act in a way which is artificial, and in a way which they think girls will like. The truth it, authenticity is very easily spotted, and if you do that, you will show that you are fake. Be yourself, and don’t bother what girls think about you. Although it sounds like contrary advice, it is really the best way to attract a girl when it comes to your personality.

Tip #5: If all else fails, and you want something faster, just get an escort model.

The easiest, fool proof way to find a girl in Singapore is to simply hire and engage social escort services. You will immediately be able to have a girl in Singapore.

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