Off peak and weekend courier services in Singapore?

I do not know about you, but there are many times where I had to get something delivered from / to me at night or on weekends, and I found it so frustrating that not a single courier company was willing to pick up my phone call or reply my email requests! Urgh.

There were a very small handful of companies which picked up my calls but even then, it’s only to tell me that such services are not available.

It was only recently that I stumbled upon a relatively new courier company called PCA Masters, which seemed to provide night or weekends courier service in Singapore. (They’re located in Singapore and perform local courier deliveries as of the last time I checked.)

The greatest thing about these weekends and weeknights courier services is that they are able to help me get things delivered when I’m either out with my family, friends or busy with work. As you might already know, most people in Singapore love going out on weekends and work hard on weeknights, and that is the reason why many people find it difficult to deliver items or documents themselves during these occasions.

Although you could choose only to work with such a company on these occasions, anybody with enough common sense will tell you to also work with these companies which also provide weeknights and weekend deliveries if their usual delivery rates are reasonable too! This is because it is much easier for an individual and/or corporate body to use the same courier company for all deliveries instead of resorting to different ones for different types of deliveries – at least, wherever reasonable. I just find it less of a hassle as I only get billed by one company, and I know whether that company is reliable on their delivery standards, timings and service quality. I like consistency if I were to work with a courier company and that’s why I recommend you do this too.

In any case, I’ll only like to make use of this opportunity to thank Alvin and Ben from PCA Masters for helping me out with my deliveries; your delivery guys were awesome!

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