Local E-commerce goods distribution in Singapore

Almost all new age entrepreneurs sell goods online or have the Internet as their main marketing channel. However, one of the issues with this is that the customers would need to go to your house or office to pick up the goods themselves and you may want to maintain your privacy of your home address or your customers may find it troublesome to travel just to collect their goods. Thus, many business owners and E-commerce entrepreneurs in Singapore prefer courier service to distribute their goods to the various places and addresses of their customers in Singapore. With so many criteria to look at, so many fine print to read and with so many delivery companies which offer E-commerce distribution services in Singapore, how do you know who to work with? Here are some tips and examples of the finest courier companies for E-commerce deliveries in Singapore.

First of all, it would be SingPost. Anybody that does E-commerce business and considered courier services before would have heard of SingPost. SingPost is actually the state postal services company in Singapore, but they have recently branched out into many other types of local courier services. Personally, I’m a big fan of SingPost if I want to deliver items cheaply – e.g. documents or letters through the postal services. However, when it comes to their courier service, I’m slightly wary of it. I have heard of instances while queuing at Tampines (Singapore) SingPost branch before, and heard a person complaining about how his item was delivered by a SingPost courier to his doorstep, but as he was walking towards his main gate of his private landed residence, the SingPost guy simply dropped a delivery advice onto his doorstep without even ringing the bell or looking up. My guess for such slipshod service is probably because they over-work their couriers and that their systems are still better for postal services instead of courier services. I never used SingPost again after listening to that incident.

Next, there would be private courier delivery companies like NinjaVan, PCA Masters Pte. Ltd and Simplypost in Singapore. They are specialized in courier deliveries and thus, their operations and customer service support is based around that. Of course, no one knows if they should use bulk deliveries from them unless they are sure the E-commerce delivery standards from these companies are high. Therefore, I tried a few ad hoc deliveries from these companies before I decided to pick one of them. I have a small E-commerce store that sells men’s office accessories, and I have to say, that as I cater to the luxury market, service attitude is very important to me. As I cannot personally meet all of my clients, I need to have a courier company with friendly and professional couriers who are service oriented. As such, I have chosen and went with PCA Masters Pte. Ltd. in the end. It has been around 1 month since I got them as my E-commerce delivery provider in Singapore, and I’m relatively pleased with my choice. I considered Ninja Van before, but I found that their time slot deliveries are quite expensive (but I guess their main market is anytime deliveries). However, as I’m catering to the up market, I prefer my customers being able to choose when they are going to receive their goods from me. Thus, the specific timeslot deliveries service by PCA Masters really attracted me, and that is why I chose them. (They also have normal, anytime deliveries for E-commerce.)

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